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Chef Alessio Longhini


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Awarded "Young Chef of the Year" by the preeminent gastronomic Guide Michelin 2018, Chef Alessio Longhini hails from the Asiago plateau in northern Italy. He attributes his culinary philosophy to intense training in prestigious kitchens in Venice and the Cayman Islands, and most notably under the tutelage of Chef Norbert Niederkofler at Ristorante St. Hubertus in San Cassiano, which led him to explore and refine combinations of aromas and flavors.

Chef Longhini's style has been described as "clever" and "sound cuisine, with good skills, neat flavors, and no frills, but very enjoyable." The menu at his Stube Gourmet restaurant, located in the Hotel Europa Residence, is both traditional and contemporary. He searches carefully for local organic farmers, butchers, and food artisans to source the freshest, highest-quality ingredients that are the raw elements of his award-winning recipes. Considered a rising star in Italy's culinary scene, Alessio Longhini invites the outside world to discover the unmistakable tastes of the Veneto region.

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“It is an almost indescribable experience....even for a huge food lover like me. To be able to sit and watch a chef of that level, then get to ask questions while he cooks- wow. I hope you get to try this event just once in your life!”

Donna B.

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